TRK-3500 Commercial Pressure Washer Trailer System

Kärcher’s TRK-3500 pressure washer trailers are designed to accommodate gasoline powered hot water pressure washers.
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Model Number: 1.103-806.0

The Kärcher TRK-3500 single axle pressure washer trailer is designed to accommodate a variety of pressure washer skids. This trailer package is rugged, affordable, versatile, and easy to ship and store. The TRK-3500 is made of durable 10-gauge steel with electrical wiring recessed within a tubular frame. The wheel and axle assembly features leaf-spring suspension of up to 3,500 lbs. Includes a high-density, polyethylene 200-gallon water tank with a 12-inch access port, 1 1/2-inch drain valve, 3/4-inch float valve and a 50-mesh inlet filter. A 3-way ball valve simplifies switching of the water flow from the holding tank to a faucet. Trailers also include an electric start engine and battery, 1,000 lb. swivel jack with a 25/16-inch ball coupler for quick and easy hook up of the trailer, two 5/16-inch chains for additional safety, and a lighted license plate holder and recessed tail lights.

  • Axle, Single-axis

Technical data

Weight (lbs)840