HDS 4.5/22-4M Ea Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

The perfect machines for car dealers, building trade, agriculture and municipal use: our super class machines set standards in terms of technology, performance, ease of use, economy, service life and environmental protection.
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Model Number: 1.071-908.0

Karcher’s hot water pressure washers are the first in the industry to offer eco!efficiency mode. This enables the machine to operate in the most economical temperature range (140° F) and at the maximum water flow rate, reducing fuel consumption by 25% and optimizing burner operating cycles compared to full-load operation at 180° F. Karcher’s mid and super-class series features a service switch that offers a choice of five settings to suit local water hardness. This allows optimum metered quantities of anti-scaler and corrosion inhibitor to be added to the water supply, and prevents the buildup of lime scale on the heater coil. Operating data can be called up any time, allowing you to make continual adjustments.Time-proven burner techno­logy with new turbo fan Kärcher burner technology not only translates to more economical operation, but also makes our hot water pressure washers trendsetters in environmental protection thanks to their low emissions and highly efficient operation. Easy Press and Servo Control (optional accessory) The Easy Press trigger gun significantly reduces holding and operation effort, and the precise Servo Controller allows the user to adjust water flow rate and operating pressure directly from the trigger gun.

  • Water Volume — 2 - 4.5
  • Operating pressure — 460 - 2250
  • Power supply — 1 - 220 - 240 - 60
  • Anti-twist system (AVS)
  • Low fuel cut-out
  • Exhaust gas temperature limiter
  • Three piston axial pump, with ceramic piston
  • Trigger gun, Easy-press trigger gun
  • Infinitely variable pressure and water flow control on the unit
  • Pressure switch control
  • Trigger gun with soft grip
  • Integral fuel and detergent tank
  • Dry run protection
  • Low-speed 4-pole motor
  • Steam mode
  • Power nozzle
  • Steam nozzle
  • SDS system
  • Scale inhibitor
  • Control panel with indicator lamps
  • Two detergent tanks

Technical data

Connected load (A)30
Power rating (hp)9.5
Operating temp. max (°F)86
Weight (lbs)377
Length (in)52.5
Width (in)29.5
Height (in)41.5