HD 2.0/10 Ed Commercial Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer

Lightweight and easy to move, this hand held cold water pressure washer delivers up to 2.0 GPM of portable cleaning power.
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Model Number: 1.575-400.0

These light-industrial hand held units are significantly more rugged than typical consumer substitutes and are built with durable steel frames. They include a dependable axial pump, high pressure hose, stainless steel wand and detergent injector with brass soap nozzle.

  • Power supply — 1 - 120 - 60

Technical data

Water Volume (GPM)2
Operating Pressure (PSI)1000
Connected load (A)15
Power rating (hp)1.5
Weight (lbs)80
Length (in)16
Width (in)24
Height (in)22